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All you need is an hour. Okay, maybe three. But not a whole day. Just enough time to have a conference call and write up that proposal. Just enough time to win the project if you can just find time to pitch the project. Enough time to get groceries in 30 minutes alone (vs. one hour when you have the kids). Enough time to get all your work done so you have enough time to do what you really want to do. Take your kids to the park or maybe one whole of hour of solitude.

Bean Work Play Café has one simple goal. Make it easier for parents who work inside and/or outside of the home to get their work done, so they can focus their energy and optimize how they spend their time. We’ve created the space and provided the services that allow you to make sense of balancing work or a business along with having young children at home. Bean Work Play Café is about making it all happen for parents and kids.

Our Offerings

  • Flexible childcare (including drop off for member kids)
  • A sophisticated and modern work space with a secured wireless network, support services and light fare.
  • Conference room (accommodates 8-10) available with reservations (first come, first serve; members receive at least 2 hours per month).
  • Private mini office/phone pods available with reservations.
  • Meeting and event spaces to conduct business or host special events.
  • Classes for self-improvement and opportunities to network.
  • Printing, faxing and shipping deliveries accepted.
  • Business and parenting library.

Your Benefits

  • Childcare on demand
  • Work space
  • Meeting facilities
  • Enrichment classes
  • Events space
  • Networking opportunities
  • Community

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reality bites

When you have a conference call locate at least 15 items you think will keep your child busy. This can be anything from an old set of keys to your your first cell phone, or the old remote control that still lights up but doesn’t actually do anything. Go ahead and buy all those weird, stretchable, colorful things you see at the dollar store. And finally, if you’re in an easy to clean space, bring out the snacks.

A few minutes before the call pull out an old suitcase or a basket full of the “new” goodies.