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What is Reggio Emilia?
Reggio Emilia, Italy is known throughout the world as the place where a new form of exploratory preschool education was pioneered after World War II by Loris Malaguzzi. It is characterized by discovery, exploration and a self-guided curriculum.
How do we apply Reggio Emilia at Bean?
We incorporate Reggio Emilia concepts within the physical environment at Bean through:

Use of natural light
Incorporation of useful, non-commercial, and natural objects throughout the space
Natural wood for play structures

The Bean pod, or transition area, serves the purpose to both inform and document the learning experiences within the space. Here you will find examples of children’s work and the Bean values and guidelines.

Bean Daily Flow
Recognizing the diversity of the children we serve, the Bean team often makes adjustments to the schedule within the learning space based on the needs of the individual children.
We believe:

Children learn through play and play is a child’s work
Children learn by exploring and then identifying what they want to learn
Children are smart, intelligent beings that are capable of answering open ended questions by utilizing higher order thinking skills
Children express what they learn through art, music and language
Teachers use the environment to provoke experiences and inspire learning
Children learn to work together collaboratively and respectfully
Displayed documentation of experiences allows both children and parents to reflect on the learning process.